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Интересные факты

  • Dawkins has a profile on Love-Meet.net, under the name Troy Harder, which is a play on “try harder”.
  • When questioned about his sexuality on Weazel News (TLAD), he states “I have sex with my wife all the time! She loves it in the fartbox”. His wife is on later, stating “I wish he would put it somewhere else”, implying he only performs anal sex with his wife.

Брайс Доукинс (англ. Bryce Dawkins) – заместитель мэра Либерти Сити в «Grand Theft Auto IV». Его имя часто упоминается в игре, хотя сам персонаж не появляется (его лицо можно увидеть лишь на рекламных щитах, а на улице периодически встречаются похожие на него люди).


Доукинс – правый политик, ведет анти-гейскую политику и защищает традиционные семейные ценности. Его часто критикуют за гомофобные высказывания и комментарии. Например, когда он указал на связь между гомосексуализмом и терроризмом, за что он позже извинился: «Некоторые из моих лучших друзей – геи, и я просто не хочу об этом знать». Доукинс также поддержал производство сексистской детской игрушки «Gender Role Doll», отметив, что она является крайне важным инструментом для подавления гомосексуальных чувств и поддержания семейных ценностей.

Он живет со своей женой и детьми в особняке в Вестдейке, Олдерни и владеет несколькими автомобилями: Tropic, Infernus и Turismo.

Gay Sex Scandal

In reality, Dawkins is a closeted homosexual in a relationship with Bernie Crane, who he first met at a foam party at the Tony Prince-owned gay club Hercules while Bernie was high on ectasy. Bryce is blackmailed at least twice: once by Russian mobster Dimitri Rascalov for control of certain unions, and again by Thomas Stubbs III for an unspecified legislative goal. Bernie recruits the help of his old army friend Niko Bellic to threaten Dimitri away, who was coincidentally a prior mortal enemy of Niko’s. After the threat is removed, Bernie rewards Niko with an Infernus, originally a gift from Bryce to Bernie.

At the end of the game, Dawkins’ affair is leaked to the public by Thomas Stubbs III (who obtained information and proof of Bryce’s escapades through a bug that he had paid Johnny Klebitz to put in Bryce’s Infernus). Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Bryce insists he is not gay and his gifts to Bernie were only out of charity and platonic friendship. He does, however, admit to personal failures and enters a rehab clinic which is strongly rumored to treat sexual addictions.


Dawkins is a parody of Bruce Barclay who was involved in a gay sex scandal, at least 15 of which are listed here. The most recent incedents at the time the game was developed involved Bob Allen, Larry Craig and Richard Curtis,and Jim Mcgreevy among others.

Love-meet profile

Quote: With my guns and youк rack, we should get together

Age: 37

LOC: Algonquin

JOB: Political fundraiser

SEXUALITY: Straight, like in the bible.

BUILIJ: All American pecs


I‘m a political guy and I’m looking for a woman who shares my ideals. I believe every American deserves the freedom to get into their SUV, drive to their office with its state of the art metal detectors and work sixty hours a week for a boss they’ve never seen, knowing all the while that a well-funded military is keeping their 46-inch TV safe from crack addicts.


Acronyms. Successful corporations you can trust to succeed. Male judges. Action movie stars-turned-directors who enjoy a beer and aren’t afraid to speak out about their religious convictions. Expensive cars and cheap gas.


Women who want to take away my freedom with abortions and leg hair. Hybrid cars. Poor people who refuse to help themselves. Gun control. Fat filmmakers who hate freedom. The big gay media conspiracy.

Интересные факты

  • Despite his Turismo being stolen by Niko as a request from Stevie, Bryce Dawkins does not have any knowledge of his vehicle being stolen.
  • In I’m Rich, some shots show Bryce’s mansion, which has a Feltzer, Emperor, and Stretch parked outside. Whether or not those cars do belong to Bryce or they’re just there for the TV show is unknown.